Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho – singer, actress, artist and teacher.

In 2005, she graduated with honors from the High School of Fine Arts in Koszalin, where she comes from. In the years 2005-2009 she studied at the Academy of Music. Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz in Lodz, majoring in acting and vocals. From the beginning of her studies, she has been associated with music and the alternative scene. She collaborated with Electric Rudeboyz, created the composition of the Mikrowafle group, and to this day co-creates the band Conga Line and " Dziwozony - Wyróżnienie ". After graduation, she started working at the Capitol Musical Theater in Wrocław and has been associated with this scene until today.

He collaborates with the most outstanding directors of musical and dramatic performances in Poland. He is a frequent guest at the Actor's Song Review. She teaches singing.

The artist can often be heard during monthly meetings, e.g. Ankabaret Dobry Evening in Wrocław. She directed and wrote the screenplay and lyrics for the 2021 play "The Magic of Baltazar".

In his free time, he does not forget about the fine arts. She created a collection of drawings inspired by the poetry of Halina Poświatowska, to which a concert was also created - a project directed by her "After the Worlds. Poświatowska for voice and creaky trumpets (premiere at the Lower Silesian Film Center on June 15, 2021).

Traveling through the life and work of the poet, Emose talks about love and death, but above all - getting rid of pathos - about the need to enjoy the life given to us.

She created covers for the album "Błędne Koło" - Paśko and Team Co To and Nie Ma. Osiecka/Satanowski – by Justyna Szafran or the collection of works by Mock. Czarna Burleska - unusual portraits of the characters appearing in the play directed by Konrad Imiela, which premiered in 2019 at the Capitol, as well as a collection of images for the women's intergenerational project "Dziwozony-Wywanie" for which the words were also written and the music was created by Ewa Głowacka - Fierek.

"The Magic of Baltasara" is a concert full of magic.

It consists of poetic stories drawing from the richness of fairy tales and folk tales sung by Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho, an excellent actress and vocalist of the Capitol Musical Theater in Wrocław, accompanied by outstanding instrumentalists playing, among others, the extraordinary Strohr Violin - called by them Fairy Fiddler Trumpets.

Team composition:
– Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho – vocals
– Beata Wołczyk – violinist
– Jacek Berg – piano, accordion
– Emilia Danilecka – cellotrumpet
– Dariusz Wołczyk – alto trumpet 
– Piotr Hałaj – tuba, sousaphone

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